COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Join us online for Morning Worship at 10.30 am each Sunday or Virtual Coffee Shop on Tuesdays at 11 am. Read a Thought for the Day or what has been Shared With Us by church members.

Tyndale’s building is closed and all regular meetings are suspended (more information).

Share With Us

Supporting each other in all sorts of ways in the present situation is vital, of course; and as well as personal contact, phone calls etc, it would be good to support each other mentally and spiritually – if you have a favourite book, poem, hymn, film, story, humorous anecdote, website etc and would like to let others know please email the details to for inclusion here.

Bridge Walks

I’ve made another short documentary, on bridge walks. I must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, after so many years of lecturing […]


Oh, to feel sand beneath my toes […]

Martyn Joseph – When We Get Through This

Did I first hear Martyn Joseph sing when I went to Greenbelt with my church youth group…?  I can’t quite remember.  Some may remember him playing at Tyndale some years ago.  Anyhow, here’s a link to his latest song, ‘When we get through this’.  He says the video includes footage sent in by fans. There […]

We fell asleep in one world…

For your interest, a very brief video clip on the environment. I don’t know its provenance but it makes its point! […]

Zoom Supper

What if the disciples Zoomed […]

Recent History, on the million year time scale

Here’s a home-made documentary, a sequel to “Ancient History“, called “Recent History, on the million year time scale”.

As the world has been shaken

This prayer was part of the Northumbria Community prayer guide on Monday. We found it summed up our own prayers so well that we wanted to share it with you […]

Psalm 38 v. 11 (RSV)

Some Biblical wisdom […]

The Great Realisation

A bed time story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020.

“Nature’s child” and “Creed for Life”

I’ve been sorting out some drawers and came across these poems […]