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Supporting each other in all sorts of ways in the present situation is vital, of course; and as well as personal contact, phone calls etc, it would be good to support each other mentally and spiritually – if you have a favourite book, poem, hymn, film, story, humorous anecdote, website etc and would like to let others know please email the details to tyndale.baptist@gmail.com for inclusion here.

DNA Journey

We asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test. It turns out they have much more in common with other nationalities than they thought[…]

The Three Engineers

John Briggs’ experience with his computer (Thought for the Day, 23rd September) reminded me of the story of the three engineers: There were three engineers in a car which had broken down. The mechanical engineer said it was the transmission, so got a spanner and crawled about underneath doing things. It still wouldn’t go. ‘No’, said […]

Something to ponder

I recently read a review of a book about Neanderthals.  Rebecca Wragg Sykes argued that they did not simply die out, overwhelmed by the up-and-coming homo sapiens.  On the contrary, there was some interbreeding between the two species and, indeed, many (most?) of us have Neanderthal DNA in our makeup. The existence of the extinct […]

A folk memory from the Viking invasions

As I sit at my computer, I look out from my study window across the churchyard to the medieval tower of Holy Trinity church rising above the yew trees […]

It is sometimes good to look back in time…

Two hundred years ago Bristol was hit by a pandemic that caused fever, cough, shortness of breath, pains in the muscles and a severe headache. Many people died and there was a lot of fear and worry. In 1817, at the beginning of the outbreak, James Cowles Prichard, a 32 year old doctor wrote to […]

Each Waking a Resurrection

Like many others, I have been using this lockdown time to sort, chuck out and tidy accumulated paper work, photographs and memorabilia.  Among my treasured Tyndale Dancers archive, I came across the script for the finale of the Baptist Union Assembly in 1978  in which we had taken part.  In the script was this poem […]

“Coronavirus, Church & You” questionnaire

Here’s an article and questionnaire on how the coronavirus lock down has affected church life […]

Father of Glory

With the academic year ending now I’ve been pootling around at the piano, experimenting with making my own musical relationship with some of my favourite words in BPW.  Here’s a setting of Keith Clements’ words ‘Father of glory, whose heavenly plan’, no.604, which I think are particularly appropriate for this week.  It’s not that I’m […]

Shavuot celebration in Israel on a Kibbutz

Having written in The Link magazine about meeting Angel on the way to Bethlehem, I was reminded of another event during our time in Israel in 1989. Rachel mentioned Shavuot in context with the coming of the Holy Spirit during last Sunday’s service which brought to mind this experience Michael and I had. We were […]

Network Counselling and Training

For the last decade or so Tyndale has sent a financial gift at Christmas to this important local charity whose purpose is to provide an affordable counselling service in the context of a Christian ethos. The Covid-19 pandemic affects our country and society in many ways, one of which is that the income of all […]