time@tyndale Programme Spring 2024

Join us on Wednesday evenings for refreshments at 7.30pm, with the main event beginning at 8pm.

Lent Conversations 2024 – Faith, Creation and Climate Change

Churches Together in Cotham, Redland and Clifton with Hotwells, bring you a series of talks – Christian responses to our environment and the climate crisis. Join us at 7pm for refreshments and a 7.30pm start. Thursday 22nd February Dr Ruth Valerio: Climate Justice and the Church, a global perspective All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton, […]

Artificial Intelligence: Is it Good or Evil?

Dr Ian Holyer is a former lecturer in computer science at the University of Bristol and a member of Tyndale. Here, he talks about artificial intelligence at a recent meeting of time@tyndale.

Keith Clements – Reflections at 80

“These reflections which I’m about to share are not the story of what I may have done, nor even really about things that have happened to me. Rather, they’re about things that were given to me, and which are souvenirs because they are gifts: not things I can boast about for having achieved or for having, but which came to me unsought, unasked, unexpected and (mostly) undeserved. They are souvenirs of grace.”

BBC Radio 4 – Any Questions?

Sorry, there are no more tickets available for this event.

time@tyndale Programme Summer 2023

All are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings, with refreshments at 7.30 pm followed by the main event at 8.00 pm.

Holy Week & Easter 2023

We join with our neighbouring churches in Clifton, Cotham and Redland for joint Holy Week gatherings from Monday to Friday.

What if… we don’t have church community?

You might like to listen to a half-hour interview with my niece, Suzy Wilson, who is a missionary in Ethiopia. She talks about her experiences and about bringing up her children. You may find her style of Christianity a bit culturally different from yours, but she has some thought-provoking things to say.

World Day of Prayer 2023

On Friday 3rd March, Tyndale hosted a service for the World Day of Prayer. Here is the recording.

Lent Devotional Videos

Staff and Students of Bristol Baptist College are doing all the devotional Fuelcast videos for Lent this year. Fuelcast produces short biblical devotional videos which go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can sign up to receive the link to the day’s video via email or assess the library of videos when you wish […]