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Tyndale’s building is closed and all regular meetings are suspended during the current pandemic (more information).

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Share With Us

Supporting each other in all sorts of ways in the present situation is vital, of course; and as well as personal contact, phone calls etc, it would be good to support each other mentally and spiritually – if you have a favourite book, poem, hymn, film, story, humorous anecdote, website etc and would like to let others know please email the details to for inclusion here.

A Communion Like No Other!

Communion – something we share. How strange, on this Palm Sunday, to be sharing it in my study… I thought of two other strange, but moving, Communion experiences[…]

Simon of Cyrene

After the peace of the countryside’s springtime,
Jerusalem must have seemed violent and loud;
Brash with suspicion – a “Who is this King?” time,
Riotously full with this bloodthirsty crowd[…]

An Alternative Thought for the Day

If the Duke of Wellington had eaten his meat holding it between two slices of bread;
If the Earl of Sandwich had worn a knitted woollen coat;
If Lord Cardigan had worn tall boots[…]

The vast world of YouTube

Now could be a time to explore the vast world of YouTube[…]


Doris was dead. No question – the policeman who found her thought so; the paramedic was sure; the coroner ruled so. She was dead. She was dead and buried. I know that because I went to her funeral. Just as well – I was one of only three people there – me and a neighbour and the duty vicar, who did his best, but really didn’t know anything about her. Nor did I really, I had only met her twice[…]

Where’s Wally?

Everyone is social distancing in this Where’s Wally coronavirus edition so it’s easier than usual to find him[…]


I’ve always loved these few lines from ‘Michael’ by William Wordsworth[…]

Poetry Foundation

Want to explore poetry but the library is shut? The Poetry Foundation website has a large selection of poems by poets from all ages[…]

Hymns by Michael Docker

A selection of hymns with lyrics written by Michael[…]