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Who’s Who

Revd Michael Docker, Minister

Michael DockerTyndale is a great place to be a minister! I come from a not-very-religious background, and found my way into the Christian faith as a teenager in a small church in the West Midlands. At about that time I began working in a factory, and began to learn that not everyone shared my new enthusiasm for all things religious. Now in the ministry, the lessons of those years are ever more central to my approach: Christian faith has to work in ‘the real world’ or its no use at all; the Church doesn’t have all the answers; listening is more important than speaking and, deep down, the big questions about life, the existence of God and the meaning of suffering are as important as ever they were.

Revd Rachel Haig, Community Minister

RachelHaigI began life in Scotland but grew up in St Annes on Sea, up in Lancashire. I worked in insurance for several years but that came to an end after a visit to El Salvador changed the way I thought about what I was doing with my life. After some soul searching and exploration of what my next steps should be, I made my way down to Bristol to go to Bristol Baptist college to do Theology and explore the world a bit more. I have lived in Bristol ever since, starting my first ministry over in Horfield. Although my travelling days are not yet over, most recently being in Nashville, Tenessee and before that a month travelling to Australia. I have two sisters and lots of nephews and nieces who are all getting to the age where they make me feel old!

I’m a Liverpool fan and am very much looking forward to celebrating success over the coming seasons. I like a bit of golf, and walking Pippin the dog. I like sharing meals with friends and prefer science fiction to romantic novels. I try to get to the cinema as often as I can, and the next Hobbit episode can’t arrive quickly enough.

My role as Community Minister involves a lot of chatting, which is not a hardship for me. I am often to be found at our weekly Coffee Shops, welcoming people and available to talk more deeply if anyone wants to. I enjoy talking about faith and am not afraid of the difficult questions we face because of the suffering in the world. Anyway, if you ever fancy a chat, you can find me, usually, around Tyndale.

Officers & Deacons

Secretaries: Denise Lewis, Bruce Lloyd  
Treasurer: Julian West  
Deacons: David Bell, Margaret Clements, Dr Ian Holyer, Graham Lewis,
  Rachel Molyneux, Dorette Morgan, Nick Parsons, Dr Debbie Pinfold,
  Brian Pratt, Merry Stewart, Dr Ian Waddington, Dr Michael Whitfield