10th April 2023

TV’s ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ usually features people acquiring residential property, transforming it into a better place to live. Last week, though, a commercial property in Bognor Regis was bought at auction by Rebecca, on behalf of ‘the family firm’ for office space. The firm, founded thirty years ago by her mother, a mental health nurse, runs care homes, one specialising in dementia care, something mum’s late father suffered from. The firm also provides for the complex health needs of those forty-plus, especially those with learning difficulties, helping them live independently in the community.

It really is a ‘family’ firm, headed by mum – with ‘a passion for mental health’ – with daughter Rebecca as operations manager, whose sister looks after legal matters, a brother alongside, another brother in I.T., and dad a builder. All aspects covered, it would seem; a real team, whether they realise it or not, firmly founded on the Jesus principle of caring, and by doing so, transforming lives.

Before his death, Jesus established a close team around him. Teamwork is key for us still today, well evidenced by the deeply-moving act of worship we shared at Tyndale on Good Friday morning; close teamwork in preparation was truly blessed in the execution. Pray that we grow stronger as a team, better able to offer the Father’s transformation through the Son to all in our community who come into contact with the local ‘family firm’.

On TV Rebecca was shown walking round the building she had purchased, whilst a song played, ‘I will care, I will care for you, ’cos together there’s nothing we can’t do.’ Amen!

Dave Bell