10th July 2024

What’s on your wish list for what the new Government might achieve I wonder? I was heartened that they’d brought in someone who knows something about prisons, wonder what’s in store for our health and social care services – and can but dream that one day reliance on food banks could become a thing of the past. That’s just for starters! We certainly need to hold our politicians and the civil servants supporting them in our prayers as they tackle an unenviable to do list.

This Sunday’s sermon included a passing comment about the Old Testament story in which we see God fulfilling his plans through Rahab. It made me think back to the “I Daniel Blake” film of 2016. That powerful film might be fictional, but includes heart rending truths – including scenes set in a food bank, and also of a single-parent mum feeling she had no choice but to become a sex worker.

Just as there’s been a reset in Government at a national level, I wonder how we might reset our own commitments to our communities? Tyndale has from time to time supported the charity One25 in Bristol. I took a look at their website today (https://one25.org.uk) and commend it to you. This charity reaches out to women who are street sex-working, supporting them to “move from crisis and trauma towards independence in the community”.

There is so much political narrative about what ‘hard working families’ deserve. God puts no limits on who deserves His love. May we notice and act when we need to be a sign of God’s love and compassion to those particularly in need.

Ruth Allen