11th April 2022

Ann Gerondelis’ “Open your Hearts” includes her artworks, Bible readings and prayers.  In her piece for this day of Holy Week, Ann references Exodus 12:12: “For I will pass through the land of Egypt that night…”.  Her picture of a blood daubed doorframe evokes the Old Testament story of various plagues and calamities befalling the Egyptians until eventually and most dreadfully of all, there is the killing of their first born males, all to persuade Pharaoh to ‘let God’s people go’.  Instead of focusing on the difficulties in all of this for modern readers, Ann invites us to ponder where we would place markers to indicate that deliverance and protection from harm are needed, just as in the story the blood on the doorposts was a sign that the Israelites were to be protected:

“O most gracious God, if only we could mark

places where your love and mercy are needed –

where people find themselves in situations

they could never have imagined

and cannot see any way out of.

If only we could make a sign

asking you to watch over them,

to bring them safety and protection from danger.

Freedom from the things that enslave them.”

Which doors we would mark? The situation in Ukraine comes to mind, perhaps those close to us who we care and worry about, who else…?  The piece continues:

“…may we be about the business

of making visible signs in the world around us.

Signs that declare your mercy and love

for all your people.

Let us continue to be declarers of your love

for each and every one…”

Ruth Allen