12th September 2022

Events have moved so fast in the last 48 hours that whatever I may have written on Friday has now been superseded. We have been shocked and deeply saddened by Queen Elizabeth’s death, but have been given time to mourn her and to recall our own memories. As we continue to pray for the royal family in their bereavement we are also moved on to pray for Charles and Camilla as our new king and queen-consort. On Friday evening we were able to join in the deeply moving service of prayer and recollection with a packed congregation in St Paul’s following Charles’ first speech as King. He expressed his grief and loss and invited us to share it but also looked ahead. We had been reminded of the Queen’s 21st birthday speech pledging her whole life to the country’s service. Now Charles renewed the pledge for himself, with insightful understanding of his new role.

It is deeply reassuring to hear our new king expressing his own Christian faith, just as the Queen did, so as we pray for him we know he is know he is relying on God’s strength and guidance. We can commit the nation’s future into God’s hands and know that ‘all will be well’.

Lesley Fuller