13th July 2022

I’m writing this on Saturday 9th July, but you’ll be reading it on Wednesday 13th July. How might the political landscape have changed by then?

As Sajid Javid gave his resignation statement in Parliament, it was heartening to hear him say he had attended the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast that morning. It seemed to show where he got his principles from as he explained that he could no longer support the government because of its utter lack of integrity. We’ve heard that note again and again in vox pop interviews: ‘can’t be trusted’; ‘we’ve been lied to’; ‘story keeps changing’. A sorry tale of respect lost that could only end in a spectacular fall.

It all makes very sad listening but as always there is hope. Politicians have received a profound shock and many have shown that they are taking stock. Whatever their motives they are going to be on their guard in future. Hopefully this will mean a renewed and cleaner ethos in government.

It should also make all of us examine our own attitudes to honesty and integrity in all our dealings, in our thinking, our speaking and our actions. Not only avoiding the negative but enlarging the positive to be more open and generous in making sure everything we do works for good. What joy we have as Christians not only in Jesus’ example to guide us but in the full force of the Holy Spirit’s energy to empower us. It’s only a prayer away!

Lesley Fuller