13th June 2022

Thank you, Lord, for families and friends! I know I am very blessed to be part of a close-knit, caring family. Recently they have rallied round our cousin to help him give up his London home and move to a Care Home near my brother in Devon. Since arriving he is already more in touch with family members, receiving visits and being supported in the pain of losing his independence and former lifestyle. I get lots of help from family in Bristol, so I try to keep in touch with others further away, remembering birthdays, sending Christmas presents, keeping up with their news and praying for them.

I’m also fortunate in being able to stay linked with several circles of friends from different stages of my life with letters, phone calls and emails (though some of my address book entries are now ‘in heaven’). It’s great to encourage and be encouraged, exchange news and even meet up occasionally. It takes time and effort; one might be tempted to let a friendship drop if it becomes too difficult, but this could be the very conversation which brings much needed cheer.

Best contacts are with Tyndale folk and I give thanks daily for the privilege of belonging to this fellowship, worshipping together, laughing and lamenting together and knowing we are part of God’s Kingdom. I hope you have been able to say ’me too’ to all of this but we know there are people not so fortunate, by circumstance or temperament finding themselves isolated and lonely. We pray for ways to reach out to them.

Lesley Fuller