14th November 2022


I always find this time of year difficult; I want to remember those who gave their lives for their country but I do not want to glorify the spirit of aggressive nationalism that so often caused their sacrifice.

Here are some words from Jon Keyworth that I found helpful this past weekend.

This year, as war rages on European soil, the scourge of conflict feels much closer than it has been for decades. We watch in horror as bombs rain down on once peaceful and beautiful cities, as innocent people are caught up in a mess not of their own making. The reality of the human cost of the war in Ukraine is felt here too in the rising costs of food and energy.

As we remember lives lost in past conflicts this weekend, and the sheer scale of the bloodshed in World War I & World War II in particular, may it be a time that spurs us on to do all in our power to pursue peace today. Our remembrance and honouring of those killed in war counts for little if we do not learn from the past.

A prayer for justice and peace for today.

The kingdom of God is justice and peace.

Let us then pursue the things that make for peace.

Where lies abound, you call us to speak truth:

we will speak truth.

Where greed takes all, you call us to act justly:

we will act justly.

Where violence consumes, you call us to live peacefully:

we will live peacefully.

Where death mocks us, you call us to live in Christ:

we will live in Christ…

So may the peace of the Lord rest within us

and remain with us

today and always. Amen.

(From Gathering for Worship, ed. Ellis and Blyth; Canterbury Press 2005)

Nick Parsons