15th May 2024

Finding God in the Small Things

I love this time of year. As I write the sun is shining and it makes me feel good. Some of my favourite wildflowers come out in spring. Near where I used to live there is a field that is covered in Cowslips in the spring. And a short drive away there is the most beautiful bluebell wood. I love those sunny days when shafts of light shine through the trees onto the bluebells and you get the range of colours from pink to blue and through to purple. I would just like to sit and be still, listen and observe all that was around me.

I remember as a child my family would spend time at the coast. My father would get my brothers, sisters and I looking for living things in the rock pools. Crabs, shrimps, limpets etc. Most of us would run from one rock pool to another in the hope we would be the first to see everything. However, one of my brothers would sit by only one rock pool and wait. He would usually be the first to see everything that my father had challenged us to find. All this reminds me that in this busy world, taking time to be quiet, listen and observe enables us to experience far more of God – often in the small things. God calls us to the small things to find his presence there.

Sam King