15th November 2023

At this time of year we are invited to celebrate Bible Sunday, now more relevant than ever as our hearts are wrung for the suffering in the lands where the biblical events actually took place and pray for people there to receive the assurance and comfort the Bible can give. Bible Sunday brings us news of people’s lives transformed by being able to read the Bible in their own heart language so they say ‘now we hear God speaking to us’.

Bible Society works worldwide and in the Bible a Month Club we learn of its work in a different country each month: running literacy classes for women, bringing them to know Jesus and offering them skill training so they can run their own businesses. They produce study materials for pastors helping them to better preach and guide their congregations and invite young people to Bible teaching camps.

Here in the UK Bible Society organises ‘Open the Book’ teams taking Assemblies in Primary Schools telling Bible stories and acting them out introducing the Bible to hundreds of children in a memorable and attractive way. Being on such a team is great fun and makes links between church and school. Bible Society runs ‘the Bible Course’ in many prisons, opening up the Bible to people in need of comfort and new life.

We know how deeply our faith is based on the Bible and how we value it as we read it day by day so let’s rejoice in the light it brings into the lives of so many people.

Lesley Fuller