15th September 2021

Our faith is one of fresh starts. Jesus healed people and talked to them about starting their lives again. Each week we confess our sins and start anew having received a forgiveness we don’t deserve. In our baptism, we die to the old and are born into the new.

Without wanting to overplay things too much, Saturday 11th September felt like a collective fresh start for the people of Tyndale. We gathered together outdoors, shared food and talked face to face for the first time in well over a year. It felt wonderful.

We have to thank those with the vision, skill and energy to make an event like that happen. We also have to give thanks that we have made it this far through such a terrible time. But there is also the second part of the fresh start, the part where we say to God and to ourselves “so now what?” Let us take a little time over the next few weeks to think, to pray and talk to each other about our way forward together.

Nick Parsons