17th March 2023

I’ve just listened on Tyndale’s website to last Sunday’s service to see how our new crowd microphones pick up singing from the congregation to add to the singers at the front. This gives a richer, fuller sound for those listening/looking in from home, or accessing the recording later, as I did. In listening to the singing of ‘To God be the glory’, half-way through the second chorus came not a singer’s voice, but something else, unexpected, but perfectly delightful and quite engaging, that made me smile – two short barks from Debbie’s dog Effie! Her interjection came at the end of the line ‘Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Let the people rejoice’, and perfectly timed before the next line began. It was as if she was ‘saying’, ‘and me!… Don’t forget me! I’m also one of God’s creatures… I’d just like to say it’s not only human beings who can or should rejoice… all living things want to sing the praises of Him who made us all. Please don’t leave me out!’

Can we think of a dog barking as praising God? Hearing birds at dawn can remind us of the new day, another gift from God and opportunity to enjoy the good things He has given us. Hibernating animals re-appear, full of ‘resurrection’ life. Trees burst into leaf in celebration of life itself, raising branches heavenward as if in thanks and praise. Cornfields will sway in the breeze, waving, rejoicing in the goodness of the earth. New generations of animals, full of vigour, will make all kind of joyful noises. ‘Let all creation sing… woof, woof!’

David Bell