18th November 2020

In Rachel’s sermon about the talents, I noted 3 things: (1) the enormous sums those slaves were entrusted with; (2) they were given them, they didn’t have to earn them but they were expected to use them; and (3) the sin of the slave who buried his talent was refusing to receive it.

Jesus gives us his example and way of life, his forgiveness and his overflowing love. So our challenge is to live his way, learn how to forgive and let his love flow through us to folks around us, in every way we can, as Tyndale was doing, Christians everywhere were doing… Cometh coronavirus… cometh lockdown… What do we do now? Usual avenues of service cut off; new needs appearing: looking after neighbours, servicing foodbanks…

But what if you’re told ‘stay home, keep safe, don’t become a burden on the NHS’. How then do you spread God’s love and help other people? Not a dilemma if you’re going out to work, but is it a dilemma for me and people like me?

I now realise how blessed I am! I have a wide circle of friends to keep in touch with, by phone, post and email; I can buy gifts online, and charities galore are pleading for my help for people worldwide, infinitely worse off than I shall ever be. And there’s prayer! Do I believe my prayers help people? Yes. I do, because I know how much other people’s prayers have helped me.

So thankyou Lord!

Lesley Fuller