19th August 2020

Perhaps it is the loss of freedom that weighs most heavily and speaks of our privilege more eloquently than anything else. We are not used to being curtailed. We have walked through the world with a certain unquestioning step. We expect to find what we need and to have it as soon as possible, sometimes even sooner. Ours has been a permissive life with options as long as a piece of string. We feel entitled to happiness, laughter, joy, contentment, peace.

Perhaps it is the loss of freedom that weighs most heavily now that our freedom is confined and isolated. We do not know when we will get our freedom back.

But wait… freedom is always limited however much we pretend otherwise. And our freedoms have often been at the expense of others. Not everyone enjoys the same luxuries or has the same choices. Not everyone expects happiness, laughter, peace as their right, even though our human hearts may hope for it everywhere. Perhaps that is it. Hope is within everyone. The hope rather than the reality that is lived.

Jesus said, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. And the truth is, it is not our physical circumstances that dictate our freedom. Freedom is not being able to do whatever we want. Neither is that the source of contentment and happiness. Rather freedom is the place inside where we are able to let go of the pressures to conform or compete or be complicit, and not be afraid. For life is this moment, the present is not all that shall be. The truth is hope is unlimited not freedom.

Rachel Haig