19th July 2021

Freedom Day? Its all we have heard about and yearned for. The end of the pandemic and the return to normality for us all. But is normality good enough – is returning to our pre pandemic ways as good as we should be striving for or do we all need to do better.

The post Euro football racism we have witnessed – is that good enough? Online troll attacks of young teenagers by so called friends – is that good enough? People commenting on each other in derogatory ways – is that good enough? Floods and resultant death of innocent people as a result of climate change – is that good enough? Riots and looting in countries as people rage war on each other – is that good enough? Our own self doubts and anxieties – is that good enough?

We must all work together to bring better to the world. To make equality a real thing, equality regardless of colour, gender, sexuality or religion. To bring hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved, food and shelter for the hungry and homeless and real change in our own wants and desires to ensure the stability of our beautiful world for the future generations.

These are the real changes for a true Freedom Day.

Graham Lewis