20th October 2021

The Bible is full of stories of courage, of people who show physical courage in the face of their adversaries. In fact, many of the stories of faith through the ages since have similarly had a thread of courageous people following their calling despite threats and intimidation. Even in the present day.

The awful death of David Amess last Friday reminds us that many people face danger when they are just doing their jobs. This is not just our MPs facing their constituents but police called to a fight, fire crews to a blaze, paramedics to a street emergency, prison officers, armed forces… the list goes on. And, to extend the idea a little, people in many other roles face intimidation and abuse from those they need to work with even if they do not face mortal danger to the same extent. The social worker bringing unwanted news to a family at their wits end may be much less glamorous than a martyr standing faithfully by God’s word but the situation requires courage, sound judgement and compassion.

So many people needing courage, integrity and a moral compass. Our faith has so many stories to tell that inspire just those things.

Nick Parsons