20th September 2021

I’m writing this on 10th September but you’ll be reading it on 20th, so no apologies for another thought about Afghanistan as the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is already replaying memories and sparking comments and reflections. After all these years questions still remain.

Should Afghanistan have had to suffer 20 years of war only to have the Taliban return to power? Has any good come of it all? And for many people, ‘Where is God in all this?’  Some may answer: ‘Nowhere, He doesn’t exist.’ Others: ‘Nowhere, He may exist but He doesn’t care.’

We, however, have the inestimable blessing of being able to look at Jesus: not only the record of His life on earth but our own experience of His love and mercy. So we have to say: God is down here, in the hurt and suffering. He is in the medics attending casualties and bringing better health care (including our BMS folk). He’s in girls going to school and University and women freed to contribute to society. And He is still in the country even though Westerners have had to leave. The new Taliban government has a different society to deal with and we believe the Holy Spirit is at work even in their hearts.

We have the most precious resource of all, being able to pray for every aspect of this situation, from Taliban policy to getting in food aid, to the policies and actions of world powers. God cares and He is there in His power and His mercy, and our prayers can contribute to His work.

Lesley Fuller