23rd August 2021

Do you ever watch the television programme called the Repair Shop?

It features members of the public who have some treasured possession that has seen better days, and is in need of attention and T. L .C. to bring it back to its former glory. 

At the Repair Shop a group of highly skilled and creative people work as a team to refurbish the item. Carpenters, metal workers, painters, embroiderers, model makers, all use their expertise to bring about miracles.

The delight and disbelief on the faces of the owners when they collect their belongings is wonderful to see. The restoration is so complete often the tears flow, they are so moved.

We can think of the church as a bit like a repair shop. We may come to worship feeling a bit tired, a bit depressed, perhaps knowing we are at odds with the world and possibly one person in particular. We may be at rock bottom, with little hope for the future. Certainly we are not always at our best.

The atmosphere of the church and its worship offers us a sanctuary enabling us to refocus our lives. We are reminded of God’s love for us and all He has done for us. By opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit, we can be renewed in body, mind and spirit. The creative power of music, words, prayer, fellowship and silence can bring about a miracle in us that enables us to return to our lives with restored hope, and purpose. We are transformed so that we can live lives worthy of our calling.

Elizabeth Webb