23rd September 2022

In the 18th century public comment and discussion frequently happened in pamphlets – they didn’t have the benefit (?) of (anti-)social media that we have today. So when Frederick, Prince of Wales, died in 1751 a scurrilous verse appeared in a pamphlet which began:

           Here lies Fred, who was alive

           And is dead

It went on to be rude about the royal family generally, and ended:

           But since ‘tis only Fred,

           Who was alive and is dead,

           There’s no more to be said.

What a contrast to what we have been witnessing this past two weeks. Scarcely a word of criticism of the royal family (with, perhaps, a couple of exceptions) and certainly nothing but praise for the late Queen. It’s difficult to imagine anyone writing anything as unpleasant about Elizabeth II.

Those of us old enough to remember the last time there was a new monarch may have less of a problem than younger people in adapting to the idea of a ‘King’ instead of a ‘Queen’. Nevertheless it seems that a great deal has changed in a very short time – with a new Prime Minister as well.

And not just nationally. At Tyndale we are about to induct a new minister, so we are also living through a time of change. We were sorry to see Michael retire, but, while giving thanks for his ministry, we pray for Sam and for our church as we meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As we also pray for Charles III, and for Liz Truss and all that lies ahead of them.

David T Roberts