24th August 2020

We have much to be grateful for…

As the Covid situation continues and we don’t know from one day to the next what new guidelines, restrictions and changes will be introduced to our lives, I have heard many people say that “it’s all a little gloomy”; “there is nothing to be positive about”. Whilst I fully accept people’s feelings and frustrations (and sometimes hear myself expressing the same opinions) I have to remind myself that there is much to be grateful for…

Last weekend Denise and I went to visit Stourhead National Trust. Despite the Covid ‘safe distancing’ measures in place (single file walking in places, no veering off the one way path etc) we were able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this place – the beauty that God has given us in places all over the world. Beauty is all around us; it’s in the bird song, the fresh breeze on a hot day, the green grass, the budding flowers and the faces of people; people like you and me.

There was a plaque at Stourhead and it said:

We all want beauty for refreshment of our souls. Sometimes we think of it as a luxury, but when God made the world, he made it very beautiful and meant that we should live amongst its beauties, and that they should speak peace to us in our daily lives. (Octavia Hill, National Trust Founder).

Take time out today – enjoy the beauties and find peace.

Graham Lewis