25th January 2023

Perhaps some of us talk more than others about what drives us, motivates us, and directs us in life. Our teenage nephew was baptised on Sunday along with eight others in his church. They all spoke and had written about what had brought them to this point. It was moving, inspiring, hopeful.

A Mum worried for her family, a student feeling alone in lockdown, someone struggling with addiction and mental health issues – all testified to experiencing God’s comfort and help when they had been at low ebb.

Reading the Bible helped a student understand that God’s love is always enough and that he doesn’t need to ‘impress’ God. One woman described how when she’d been upset and disappointed with everything, her sister had suggested she read the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible. She did so and felt a sense of peace. This led on to conversations about faith and then she came to church to learn more herself.

One boy was grateful to his grandparents for their prayers for him over the years. Another had found the experience of coming together with lots of other Christians had made him realise he wanted to be part of God’s family. A mum attending a children’s play group was invited to a church service and appreciated the welcome she received.

When I was baptised, we sang words by John Bell and the late Graham Maule:

Lord your summons echoes true when you but call my name.
Let me turn and follow you and never be the same.

What an adventure of faith lies ahead for those who respond to God’s call.

Ruth Allen