26th April 2021

What a week of tumultuous events! First Prince Philip’s funeral and learning so much more about his full and fruitful life. Then the easing of lockdown: joyful reunions, shopping, alfresco meals and drinks and live worship at Tyndale. Next the UK government‘s new goal for reducing carbon emissions: 78% down on 1990 levels by 2035. In football, Superleague proposed and collapsed: triumph of supporter power over billionaire owner greed. Latest: Derek Chauvin found guilty of the murder of George Floyd with mobile phone footage crucial evidence in the conviction, [coincidence… chauvinism: extreme belief in the superiority of one’s own race or country over all others].

Is there a thread running through all these events and what can we learn from them? All are positive for good and each carries with it the potential for the development of new initiatives.

— Prince Philip’s legacy of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme: new skills and new futures for thousands of youngsters world wide.

— Easing of lockdown brings ‘normality’ nearer: people getting their jobs back, holidays, Tyndale’s outreach programme restarting. All these not yet but coming.

— The carbon emissions goal: most potential, most urgent, will require most effort and change and is most challenging.

— The football fiasco: shakeup of the league structure and more power for supporters.

— The George Floyd verdict must lead to a real revolution in US policing and a boost for the Black Lives Matter movement worldwide.

So let us rejoice in each one, work to make each potential real and see God at work in each one.

Lesley Fuller