26th August 2022

Do you need a hug? Revd Dr Sam Wells makes words from Isaiah 43 feel a bit like being given a big hug by God (his talk is available here).

Isaiah’s words of hope for the Israelites in exile in Babylon, so long ago, so far away, can encourage and sustain us too:

  1. God created you. Your creation in the womb is like the creation of the world, it’s a thing of limitless wonder, complexity, care… It happens not randomly, but for a reason… God continues to craft you like a potter with clay on the wheel, deftly and painstakingly, with wisdom and skill and attention.
  2. God has set you free. God sees you, knows you, understands you, forgives you. You don’t have to have any secrets from God. God has redeemed you. The damage you’ve done, God is putting right. God says I have called you by name and you are mine.
  3. God is with you. We’re not told that bad things won’t happen, but we are told God will walk with us and never leave us.
  4. God makes sacrifices for you. In the New Testament we learn that God in Jesus really does give everything up for us when He gives His life for us.
  5. God says: You are precious in my sight and honoured and I love you.

In the scariest moment of our lives, we can hold on to the knowledge that we are precious, honoured and loved by God.

Just a personal selection of some of the words and ideas from the talk… maybe you’ll follow the link to hear more?

Ruth Allen