27th March 2023

God created the universe and oversees its evolution so He planned that Planet Earth which would be home to human beings should have a tilted axis and so have seasons. Every continent on earth has seasons, even Antarctica. Snowmelt in Canada, monsoons in India, rains in Africa bringing delicate frangipani flowers and mango flowers and fruit. Western Europe has four seasons and the British Isles perhaps the greatest variety of all. Surely God rejoices as humans enjoy the seasons and Spring is the favourite for many of us. We delight in primroses and daffodils in the hedgerows, hyacinths and hellebores in our gardens and celandines on the grass. Birds are prompted to breed: I have just seen a pair of woodpigeons mating in a tree outside my window. Almond has already flowered, magnolia is out now and soon pear and cherry blossom will appear, following their natural lifeline and filling our hearts with gladness.

As the seasons follow their natural course in every part of the world, they enable us to grow thousands of different crops to nourish us. God promised that summer and winter, seedtime and harvest should follow one another surely and regularly, and mostly they have done. Do farmers worldwide worry that this is breaking down because of our wanton and greedy interference? Hopefully we are realising in time and starting the rescue. Let’s all listen to God who, if we follow His plans, will so generously provide for all of us, and thank Him.

Lesley Fuller