27th October 2021

We lost a small travel bag recently, one of those useful little holdalls. It was during our visit to our son’s home in Yorkshire. We thought we might have left it at home, or at our daughter’s, or it had been put somewhere in Steve’s house, but no! So maybe it got left on the pavement when we were packing up the car with Jeremy’s possessions prior to his journey back to California. Whatever, it had vanished.

There was nothing of any monetary value in it, just a small bible and Celtic Daily Prayer which we use for our morning prayer together, and the chargers for our phones.

Thinking about these useful to us items, I realised that they do have something in common. What is it that links them?

They are both means of enabling communication. The cables and plugs link us to the electricity supply and so our phones are charged and made operational. The bible and prayer book help us to reach out to God and recharge our spiritual batteries for the day ahead.

There is a difference of course, without the chargers our phones are useless and dead. Without the books, even the bible, we can still reach out to God anytime, anyplace, anywhere and know the revitalising power of His Holy Spirit working in us.

Elizabeth Webb

P.S. The bag did turn up at Steve’s having been put in the wrong room!