28th July 2021

In recent evenings there have been some gorgeous skies. As the sun has set, it’s rays of light have been split, causing the reds, oranges, yellows purples and pinks to colour the fading blue canopy above us.

We can rejoice again in the glory and wonder of God’s creation.

Sadly our view of this amazing spectacle is only partial as we can only catch a glimpse of the coloured skies through the branches of the trees at the bottom of the garden. The rest is left to our imagination helped by the skies to the left and to the right of us which reflect a little of the central drama. To see more we have to drive to a vantage point to get an uninterrupted view.

Thinking on this the other day, I pondered on the fact that our experience of the Kingdom of God is a bit like this. We catch glimpses of it throughout our lives, in every bit of love, kindness, thoughtfulness and goodness received by us or that we give to others. As we change our vantage point and grow nearer to God our understanding becomes deeper and we see more of His hand on our world. We catch sight of the possibilities what life could be like, what life should be like if we lived as God intended.

The final revelation will come when we meet Him face to face. Then His full glory will be revealed, as all obstacles are removed from our sight.

Elizabeth Webb