28th September 2020

The latest victims of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to be highlighted are students in Manchester and Glasgow. Going to a place where they hoped to free their minds, they find their bodies are very much restricted to halls that bear a cruel resemblance to prison blocks. It serves to remind us that, in the moves to restrict the spread of the virus, there are many people in our society who are much worse off than we are: those in tower blocks, the isolated elderly, the anxious …

But what can we do? The government regulations make it clear that we must keep our distance and stay safe.

In the gospels we see Jesus focussing time and again on the needs of those who are suffering. Just the first two chapters of Mark’s gospel give us numerous examples, Mark clearly lost count! In going out to the lepers and the “possessed” Jesus puts to one side not just his personal safety but also the religious and secular laws in place at the time. No wonder people took notice.

How can we translate that example to our neighbourhood at such a time as this?

Nick Parsons