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2nd July 2021

We have got to get praying! Not only for ourselves, families, friends and church but for our government. Recent events and disclosures show up dangerous weaknesses in the whole ethos and attitude to life of the people in charge of how our laws and regulations are implemented, respected and obeyed, from over-playing the ‘old boys’ network’ to blatantly disregarding rules made for everybody’s good. We can all fee aggrieved at ‘one law for them and another for everyone else’ but the malaise goes much deeper.

A lot of very good work is being done: selfless public service bringing us through this pandemic. But every now and again another side is revealed: a lack of moral compass and foundational understanding of society: what it is and how it works. This shows in an attitude of ‘what can I get away with’. That at least shows people recognise there are boundaries, but they no longer seem to know what the boundaries are based on or why they are a good thing, why public service is good and that integrity and honesty in its execution are what make it good.

St. Paul’s harvest of the Spirit ends with self-control and people need to recognise that self-control is good in itself. So that is why we have to pray!

Lesley Fuller