30th June 2023

“I’m fine, thankyou. No. I don’t need any help. I can manage.” We all want to be self-sufficient and independent, not a burden on anyone. We think that’s the best way of helping our families so that they can get on with their lives.

But is it? After all, God created us in families. The love we feel for each other flows from Him and all the wonderful ideas we have for making each other happy come from His prompting. As we get older or less well we are very grateful for support and help from families and friends (and the Covid lockdown speeded that up tenfold!) But what happens when each time the older family member (that’s me) phones up they feel (not hear: it isn’t expressed) the vibe ‘Oh dear, what’s the problem? what’s he/she done now?’

So is it time for a step further:- seeking professional help. Circumstances change and help can stop being available. So I’m exploring (with welcome advice from family and friends) how to get cleaning and other help from a Care Organisation. I know I can’t do it myself: I no longer have the physical strength, so I have to depend on others and recognise that’s how God made me. So I can trust Him to have it all in hand; I just have to find His way to follow. . .

Final Big Question: how to show my gratitude? It has to be just ‘THANKYOU’ and try to help each helper to feel 10 feet tall by my generous appreciation.

Lesley Fuller