3rd April 2023

I recently attended a service at a URC church. The occasion was the reception into membership of two family members, transferred from a Baptist church. They were asked first of all to renew their confession of faith. Then they were each asked to say something (briefly) about their spiritual journey.

I was grateful to be reminded of this idea – a spiritual journey – a journey of faith. Faith is not something static. Many of us ‘came to faith’ many years ago. It would be easy simply to sit back and think “that’s it – I know what is my faith, so I don’t need to think about it any further”. But then it should be a journey – one that continues throughout our lives. From time to time we hear a challenging sermon that, perhaps, introduces a new idea; sometimes we come across a helpful thought in a book or on a radio or television programme; or a friend says something that triggers a response. Each of these can be a further step on that journey. And we are not lone travellers as we travel. There are others – family, friends and, maybe above all, the fellowship of the church.

I am reminded of the hymn by Richard Gillard – Brother, sister, let me serve you. The second verse begins:

We are pilgrims on a journey

And companions on the road.

Holy week is a good time to reflect on journeys – Christ’s journey was from the acclamation of Palm Sunday to the cross on Good Friday. But then there was another journey from the cross and the tomb to the Resurrection on Easter Day.

David T Roberts