4th March 2024

The conflict in Gaza shows no sign of ending, although there may be a ceasefire to enable food and other necessities to be brought in. I am sure we are all remembering the people there in our prayers. It helps our prayers if we can be better informed of the situation. This is extracted from a recent report on The Baptist Times website:

Imagine yourself without electricity, limited water, limited food, limited medicine, no safe place, and feeling constantly unsafe and unable to provide or protect your family? This is the grim reality for many in Gaza right now. Resources are scarce, prices are soaring, and providing for families has become a daunting challenge. The situation is dire, with some resorting to using animal fodder to make bread, and even that is running out in some places.

Did you know there is a Baptist church in Gaza? The minister, Hana Massad reported:

“Gaza Baptist Church has sustained ‘significant damage’. People had sheltered in the church earlier in the conflict, but no one was believed to be there when the damage happened.

The soldiers utilised the church, causing extensive harm to both its interior and exterior. A fire set inside the church worsened the damage.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine the extent of destruction – homes, streets, and even human and animal remains buried under the rubble. The environment is far from healthy, and people are desperate, searching for something to eat, even if it’s expired.”

As we pray for the people of Gaza, let us not forget the Israelis who are still held hostage there.

David T Roberts