4th May 2022

If I had to summarise the laws of the universe in just two words it would be “things change”.

Wherever we look, and we can now look a very long way indeed, things are busy changing. The day when things stop changing will be a very sorry day and we are fortunate that it is a long way off.

Jesus was all about change; he came to change people’s lives and change the way they see God. He still does.

I know that change is inevitable and that it is so often for the better. It can be exciting. In principle I welcome change; who would want to stand still forever?

So why do I find change so hard to manage? And why does it so often feel uncomfortable?

At Tyndale we are now in a period of rapid change. It is exciting, for sure. Each Sunday a new preacher comes with a message that sets us talking around the coffee table on a Tuesday. Each meeting, formal otherwise, is planning for the future. There is a sense of anticipation about the place.

Let us keep each other in prayer more than ever right now. Nobody should be left behind, managed badly or left feeling uncomfortable. May the changes ahead bring us closer to God and more responsive to those around us.

Nick Parsons