5th April 2023

These “thoughts for the day”, then. They are the result of the “thinker” typing at the keyboard and then you, the reader, sharing in the experience through the modern magic of receiving the text online. Two experiences recently have made me think about this whole thing.

Firstly, I have taken the plunge at last and tried out an AI chat bot. This is (as I understand it) a computer program that is able to trawl the internet in an attempt to produce a “human-like” response to what you say to it. So I asked it to help me to write an article about Easter and it instantly replied with something that would be a generally acceptable magazine article and included the recommendations that I should attend a church service, read the Bible and pray! Who is speaking to me when I read this stuff? It is a very interesting toy to play with but also very much more…

Secondly, I received an email in response to the latest edition of the Link from someone who knows Tyndale but now lives elsewhere. It included the phrase “all the contributors are so much themselves”. I agree, we are very lucky to have people who are willing to share something of themselves in the things they write and I remain grateful to every one of them.

I pray that, when you read these thoughts for the day, you are able to engage not just with the thoughts of the contributor but also with the voice of God. Who, I am sure, can speak to willing listeners no matter what medium we put in the way!

Nick Parsons