5th June 2023

When I ordered a notebook online from the Leprosy Mission, I was delighted to find that the cover pictured a large daisy with petals naming the fruits of the Spirit listed by St Paul in Galatians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are not gifts which the Holy Spirit donates to us, they are fruits He grows in us, often slowly and over many years. We have to provide the soil for them to grow in, by being open to let Him clear the ground of hindrances and bad habits and the shame of unforgiven sins. That done, He can transform our lifestyle. We can even feel ourselves growing in patience and self-control, we can sense that deep abiding joy and peace that comes from knowing we belong in God’s kingdom and are sure of our place in heaven when our time comes, not through any merit of our own but because God through Jesus loves and saves us.

Fruits are to be picked, harvests are to be reaped. How should we be using these fruits that the Holy Spirit is growing in us? Let us express them in actions, words and thoughts, in trying to show the people around us how we value them and give them dignity; how we try to help them and some of the many people whose needs clamour for our attention. ‘Whom the Lord calls, He also equips’. We thank the Lord He gives us the strength and the means to work for Him.

Lesley Fuller