7th November 2022

Waiting for health-care appointments is something of a national past-time of late. Last week I was pleased to receive an appointment, for assessment of my condition, at the Spinal Unit at Southmead Hospital. That means another four weeks of waiting, but at least there’s a date in the diary. Waiting is difficult for most of us. It depends, of course, on the time-scale involved, and the importance of what we are waiting for. Waiting long-term can become tedious, even boring. But when need is great, even urgent, then any time at all waiting can be irritating and stressful. A further, unexpected delay can even press the panic button!

On the door of Sam’s room at Tyndale there is a sign with two messages, whichever the sliding part of it reveals; either people are asked not to disturb, or they are welcomed, and invited to knock. Many of us have had studies/offices with something similar on the door, in order to protect our time when we need to get on with something important.

In wondering what might be on God’s ‘door’, I’m sure it isn’t Do Not Disturb. If God is like Jesus, He’s always available, never too ‘busy’ for anyone. There’s always a welcome, and I’m sure we don’t need to knock when we want to talk to Him because I don’t think there’s a door of any kind. Indeed, for Someone whom we believe is ‘closer to us than breathing’ anyway, that would be nonsense, completely unnecessary. But if it helps, think of it like this, ‘God’s door is always open’; we don’t have to wait.

David Bell