8th May 2024

It is now five months since the coffee shop relaunched as a Renew Wellbeing café. We have done this following the work of the Renew Wellbeing charity run by Ruth Rice, a Baptist minister based in Nottingham. One important part of the philosophy underpinning the work of the charity is that it is not something that “we” do to “them” but that we meet on Tuesdays for mutual support. So a question I could ask about these early days is “what has God said to me”?

One practice that the Renew Wellbeing process has refreshed for me is the practice of “simply rewinding the day with God and spotting signs of his love and being thankful”. It is a simple but very effective form of prayer. I often think that being grateful is one of the defining characteristics of the believer. Taking stock daily and counting my blessings, spotting the places where God has spoken to me, is keeping me grounded at a time when life has its challenges.

Nick Parsons

“Slow down, show up and pray” by Ruth Rice (Authentic, 2021, ISBN 978 1 78893 183 0)