9th August 2021

The Tokyo Olympics are over. So many competitors interviewed after their success have referred to the teamwork that got them to where they are. Reflecting on GB’s success in winning both men’s and women’s Modern Pentathlon competitions, a former Olympic medallist in the event paid tribute to the team manager who had been there throughout since the Olympics in Sydney in 2000. She said, “It’s people behind the scenes who make it happen for the athletes. It’s always worth remembering to say thanks to your coach, your family and everyone back home, because it is that support network that makes it possible for us to win these amazing medals.” Josh Kerr, 1,500m bronze medallist, thanked his coach for what he’d done from when he was nine years old… and his parents from when he was one day old!

Support teams are sometimes big. Ben Maher, gold medallist in show-jumping, has a team of fifteen, including a physio for himself, and vets and a farrier for his horse. It can also become quite specialised. British speed climber Shauna Coxsey has a specialist forearm coach, and even a finger-strength coach!

We should never forget that those who take prominent positions, including in churches, can only do what they do because of the work of the back-up team and those in support in the background playing their particular roles.

And, of course, if God is in support of what you are doing, then………!

Dave Bell