9th February 2022

Many of us have become accustomed to meeting through Zoom these past two years. Being online has enabled us to see and speak to each other when we have been unable to meet in person. That has been a lifeline for which we must be very grateful. But using it has brought frustrations and difficulties; it has seemed very much like a second-best encounter, lacking the immediacy and spark of personal contact.

So I was surprised and delighted to experience such a fine example of God at work through our church meeting this week. The question was “should we again stand to sing in church?” Many people are desperate to return to normal in our Sunday worship and see this as an important step back, but others still feel very nervous of gathering together and have not yet returned in person at all. In our discussion people found courage to speak out, sensitivity to listen to others and the love and humility to have their minds changed. It was lovely.

Thank you to everyone involved and, yet again, thank you to Zoom for making it possible.

Nick Parsons