9th January 2023

Christmas is over – Epiphany is over – back to the world of work! But how often do we think of all the workers and pray for them? NHS workers – yes, we are continually reminded of them, and of railway workers and postal workers. But what about teachers, factory workers, truck drivers, shop workers, civil servants? There are many other groups we could also think about, all of whom we depend on hugely for the running of our daily lives.

Modern city life is extraordinarily complicated and interwoven and in some ways self-sustaining so it doesn’t look as if God had any part to play in it. But if we believe in Him and that Jesus, God’s son also lived our human life and worked in it, then He certainly knows what it’s like for us. Life may now appear to us to have been much simpler then but it also had its complications. Jesus lived in an occupied country under an oppressive power and had to cope with its demands. He knew the pressures of daily life then and knows them still. So we can bring all our workers to God in prayer especially at this time of financial hardship and uncertainty and all sorts of upheaval. We can assure them that He understands their situations and worries and turning to Him, seeking His presence, can bring reassurance and calm in a way we can’t explain but is very real.

So we can thank God for all our workers do for us as we pray for them.     

Lesley Fuller