A Psalm for 2021

Where is God?
‘He’s up in heaven, above the bright blue sky’,
They told the boy.
‘He’s not up there’, the spacemen said,
‘We’ve been and looked’.

Where is God?
‘Look east, young man’, they said,
‘To where the sun rises,
That’s where God’s city is’.

Where is God?
‘He’s there, all right, but not at large,
He’s safe inside a book.
‘He came to visit, but they sent Him back
To heaven’.
Where is God?
‘Go further east’, they said,
‘To where the mountains meet the sky,
Ring a bell, turn a wheel, He’ll hear you there, for sure’.
Where is God?
‘He’s in a cup and in a loaf’
The white-robed priest explained.
‘Oh no He’s not!’
The black-gowned presbyter replied.
Where is God?
The Twin Towers fell,
The bullets flew, the earth cracked open wide,
The sea went where no sea should go;
A Covid victim fought for breath.
‘There is God!’
I said.

David T Roberts