Advent Reflections – Week 3 (13 Dec)

Advent 13 – Philippians 4:4–9 – Peace

The absence of conflict is not peace.

Anything for a quiet life is not peace.

Keeping quiet about wrong is not peace.

Peace comes when someone speaks the truth.

Peace comes when life overcomes death.

Peace comes when someone lives by faith.

Peace passes all understanding in this age.

It is a promise, a gift and a message.

Advent 14 – Psalm 27

Soon waiting will be over; Christmas comes near.

This year the meaning is in the waiting  

Like never before; so much is on hold,

Friendships are socially distanced, families

Kept apart, livelihoods and businesses fold;

Nothing to do but wait, between hope and fear.

But look, the Christmas story will be told

Again, lighting up our world, creating

New life; freighting us with gold,

Frankincense and myrrh. The homilies

Of love will once more unfold.

And in hospital wards angels of love will appear

And to the streets shepherds of love are called,

And by the empty hearts kings of love are waiting

And none shall fall, none shall be alone, shall be cold

In the dark. Though still we’re waiting

The light shall come; long looked for, long foretold.  

Advent 15 – Luke 1:1–20

This is for all those who cannot speak

Of what they’ve seen and heard,

Who’ve waited for a word.

This is for the poor-at-heart, the meek.

The journey takes us far from where

We started; far from what we were,

Far from what we had when we were 

Starting out. Now, what awaits us there? 

A living word, a baby’s cry, a sound

Born of the ages? This is He of whom 

We’ve heard – born for us, with no room

In this world. Listen…gather round…

Advent 16 – Luke 1: 24–25, 39–45

Longing for something to come to birth;

This is what frames our journey from where

We were to where we might be on the earth,

We who are far from all we once had there.

It has been a long time and such a long way

Through barren places, the wilderness 

Of this last year with all its loss. The day

Will surely come when we can show kindness 

Again, but till then something deep inside

Stirs, grows and at the last is born,

A hope, a preparer of the way, a guide;

Not the Light, but here to witness and to warn.

Advent 17 – Luke 1:26–38

At last the ancient promise is almost here.

First someone humble, kind and clear,

Someone who knows the ways the poor

Must walk, someone who will act on what she saw

And heard – the angel voice, the favoured one – 

Must say what must be said, do what must be done

By any who would walk by faith, ‘let it be…’

As for her, so for you and me.

Advent 18 – Matthew 1:18–25

Always, someone must stand and wait and give

The best of what they are so others might live.

This is true in all the world: humility

To mend a world of sound and fury.

So stand, while others point and stare.

Wait; the rush to judge is everywhere.

Give; while many take more than they share.  

Advent 19 – Luke 2:8–16

Always there are the forgotten ones, voiceless

In this world; their lives enclosed, choiceless

In this world. Always they are outside

Cities, establishments, nations. They ride

On leaky boats on unyielding seas.

They huggle close in camps of refugees.

They herd the flocks, operate the machines

That make some rich, who don’t know what it means

To scrape and save to make ends meet.

To such as these the promise is complete,

It comes to them and they rejoice and go

to see. Will you go too, and find the truth they know?