April 22nd

For me this lockdown is the closest I have ever been to losing my freedom. This maybe the same for you. I am beginning to find not being able to go out even for a short car ride, very frustrating especially during this beautiful spring weather.

It has caused me to ponder on how lucky I have been living without imposed restrictions on my activities in the past. Not that I have been able to do exactly as I liked, commitments and resources play a part in curtailing freedom, but generally these are choices I have made. This is NOT!

In this strange but hopefully temporary, state in which we are advised to live today, I find myself thinking about others whose lives have been changed by external forces often permanently; the refugee driven from home by famine or war; prisoners of conscience; and victims of disabling illness or accident. In all these situations, life now has its limitations. We are all faced with the same question, how do we live in these circumstances?

People of faith down through the ages have found that no matter what physical restrictions and hurts had to be endured, their trust in God, belief in his Son Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they could live victoriously and overcome all things. This is the truth that sets Christians free, enabling lives lifted above earthly restrictions, not slaves to the trivial, or material desires, but focussing on God, learning more of His truth and rejoicing in the freedom that the Spirit gives.

May we all learn more of this freedom through the experience of this lockdown.

Elizabeth Webb