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Tuesday Coffee Shop reopens on 13th September at 10 am – 12 noon. time@tyndale reopens on Wednesday 15th at 7.30 pm. Virtual Coffee Shop moves to Thursdays at 11 am from the 16th. You can still get Morning Worship online and read the Thought for the Day.

As the world has been shaken

This prayer was part of the Northumbria Community prayer guide on Monday.  We found it summed up our own prayers so well that we wanted to share it with you.

As the world has been shaken before our eyes, we pray that out of the chaos there may come new ways of living.  We pray for a gentler way of life: one that respects the earth and returns to the ancient paths of seeking God, loving neighbour, and loving self.  We pray for a world characterized by solidarity rather than schism, collaboration rather than strife and within which compassion, peace and justice prevail.     Amen.

Elizabeth and Peter