BMS Day of Prayer

Sunday 31st January 2021

Join us once again to spend a day praying for BMS World Mission work across the world and for God’s name to be known by all.

Please join us in prayer for the points below:

  1. Pray for those who suffer under the injustice of poverty. Pray that their short-term needs will be met and that the Lord will grant them dignity and freedom from poverty in the long term. Pray also that the systems that put them in poverty would be challenged by those who God empowers to do so.
  2. Pray that God will stop the spread of the Coronavirus around the world. Pray for all those across the world struggling under this new normal, that we will be able to lay our burdens on the Lord and know his peace.
  3. Pray for BMS World Mission’s new strategy and vision. Pray that God would be preparing paths for all those involved in implementing this, and that this new strategy will be pivotal in carrying out God’s work.
  4. Pray that God will lead BMS’ senior management team well over the coming year. Pray that he would guide them in wisdom to make BMS the organisation he wants us to be.
  5. Pray for the partners, churches and organisations BMS works with on the ground. Pray that they would become self-sustaining, that BMS would partner with them in a helpful and encouraging way and that God would continue to guide and bless them.
  6. Pray for all those in the areas where BMS works who do not yet know Jesus. Pray that God would make himself known to them, through BMS and directly, and give them the hope only he provides.
  7. Pray that more and more individual supporters will come to support and pray for BMS as we journey forward together.

More information on the BMS website.