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Read Michael’s September pastoral letter.

Coffee Shop is open again on Tuesdays from 10 am – 12 noon. time@tyndale opens on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm. Virtual Coffee Shop moves to Thursdays at 11 am. You can still get the Morning Worship online and read the Thought for the Day.

Share With Us

Supporting each other in all sorts of ways in the present situation is vital, of course; and as well as personal contact, phone calls etc, it would be good to support each other mentally and spiritually – if you have a favourite book, poem, hymn, film, story, humorous anecdote, website etc and would like to let others know please email the details to tyndale.baptist@gmail.com for inclusion here.

Christians in Science, Bristol, 2021/2 programme

The Bristol branch of Christians in Science have recently published their 2021/2 programme.

Brunel Manor memories

I’m sure many of you are aware that Brunel Manor – host to a good few of our church weekends – has closed. In their recent newsletter, they write: We have had some requests for a memento from Brunel Manor. Rather than have people fight over a favourite painting, cushion or plant we will be creating […]

BMS Day of Prayer

Sunday 31st January 2021 Join us once again to spend a day praying for BMS World Mission work across the world and for God’s name to be known by all. Please join us in prayer for the points below: Pray for those who suffer under the injustice of poverty. Pray that their short-term needs will […]

Thelma Molton

The funeral service for Thelma was recorded at Tyndale on Friday 29th January.

Poem – Where is God?

In this poem, the poet speaks about spiritual doubt especially when faced by negative experiences like death and other mishaps. He partially finds the answer to his question in the psalms. ‘Where is God now?’, I have been asked. ‘Where is God when his children die? Where is God when all this evil is unmasked? […]

A Psalm for 2021

Where is God? ‘He’s up in heaven, above the bright blue sky’, They told the boy. ‘He’s not up there’, the spacemen said, ‘We’ve been and looked’. Where is God? ‘Look east, young man’, they said, ‘To where the sun rises, That’s where God’s city is’. Where is God? ‘He’s there, all right, but not […]

A nativity play in the style of Bohemian Rhapsody

If you like Bohemian Rhapsody, you might also like this version of the nativity […]

Christmas in Sierra Leone

The unusual and exotic Christmas described by Mavis reminded me of an unusual, but very different, Christmas we experienced in 1959. We were in Sierra Leone at a small college miles out ‘in the bush’. On Christmas morning we walked the half mile to the ‘town’ where there was aservice in the Methodist mission church. […]

Advent Reflections – Week 4 (20 Dec)

Advent 20 – Matthew 2:1–6 Some are looking at the stars, While all of us are mired and marred By all the mess of earth. Some look high and far, While we are tired and scarred By all the mess of earth. Will you follow, like the star-gazers, Who made their way, required and hard, Through […]

Christmas in Oman

Our thoughts are turning to Christmas. We have had one rather unusual one. We were in the Sultanate of Oman, living on the University Campus and very much enjoying life there, having been made welcome by University staff, students and the church where we worshipped regularly. The Sultan had allowed churches to be built and we went […]