Tyndale Baptist Church is open for worship on Sunday mornings at 10.30 am

Updated September 2021.

Greetings! The church has been open for worship since April, we have carefully adjusted the ‘COVID 19 safe’ conditions since and now we are preparing for the autumn and looking forward to welcoming as many people as possible back to Tyndale.

Conditions will apply in worship services much as they have done from April, albeit they are somewhat more relaxed. Folk are encouraged to wear masks when arriving, leaving and moving around the building and asked only to remove them whilst seated. Hand sanitisers are still provided, for use on arrival and departure. Singing is allowed, although only whilst seated. The combination of ‘live’ and on-line services has been very positive – several new faces have attached themselves to the church recently – and we hope that this will continue.

Of course, we recognise that every individual has been affected differently by this pandemic and we intend to go on respecting each other’s space. We continue to be very grateful to all the members of the team that is needed each week to prepare ahead of time, to steward at the service, and to clean up afterwards.

We hope that it might be possible to ease restrictions further in the coming weeks, though that depends on a range of factors, particularly the guidelines issued by the Government and the advice issued from time to time by the Baptist Union.

We are also planning to re-launch a ‘time@tyndale’ Wednesday evening program and to re-open the Tuesday morning coffee shop each week. Lots of safety precautions will be in place so that anyone who comes can feel safe and comfortable. The Zoom substitute will also continue.

Although these times have been challenging and difficult for us all, we hope that September will mark, as well as a change, the beginning of something new in Tyndale’s life as we seek to take up the challenge, once again, of living out the Christian gospel.

With my best wishes, thoughts and prayers,


Many of our regular events are now open again, but Babies & Toddlers remains suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time, we have been exploring new ways of being a church fellowship and these online connections continue to be active: