June 12th

It used to be simple, now it’s more complicated. That’s what they’re saying – it was simple to impose a lockdown but when it comes to easing the lockdown, it’s more complicated. Schools have one set of issues, hospitality businesses another; debate rages over the appropriate distance for social distancing, ‘bubbles’ allow some contact but still more is craved…

The government was criticised when it changed it’s simple ‘stay at home’ message, to the more vague ‘stay alert’, but it highlighted the move from simple to complicated. But it used to be simpler still in the old world – you could go where and do what you liked, spend as much time as you wanted as close to whomsoever you wanted. It got more complicated when you had to think about how you were going to keep in touch with loved ones, organise shopping, etc.

It used to be simple, now it’s more complicated. It’s true of life itself. Childhood was simple, adulthood is complicated. Looking back, it often seems as if life was more simple in the old days, whereas now… it’s complicated…

It’s reflected in the Bible, as well. It used to be simple in the Garden of Eden, but when Adam & Eve were thrown out, when Noah… when Moses… when Joshua… it got more complicated.

But, however much we may dream otherwise, we can’t go back. Nor should we try – the Bible begins in a garden, but ends in a city – and there’s not much more complicated than life in a city. But take heart, it’s not just any city – the future belongs to God.

Michael Docker