June 29th

Often, on Zoom “coffee mornings”, the conversation gets round to toilets. Cilla sometimes joins from Burton Bradstock and confirms what is widely reported, that, as public toilets are closed, hedgerows and dunes by the sea are used…

One of the thorniest problems for future use of all kinds of buildings, including churches, is – toilets…

Popping to the loo is what we do – but what happens when we can’t, because of virus-induced restrictions? It’s a challenge in the “new normal” world generally – providing toilets. The need to clear the Tyndale grounds regularly is just one sign that public facilities are in short supply.

Not a subject for a Tyndale Thought for the Day? In fact, only recently have we become so coy. There are dozens of examples where English Bible translations have “cleaned up” bits of the Bible that are, especially in the Old Testament, quite earthy. In the story in 1 Kings Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to call their god to set an altar alight. When their prayers go unanswered, he taunts them about their unresponsive deity. Some commentators think the most feasible translation of 1 Kings 18:27 is “perhaps he’s defecating”.

The Christian God gets down in the dirt and mess of everyday life. As far as this virus and its implications are concerned, he knows we’re in deep do-do; he’s right there with us. As is often said, he knows our every need, or, he knows that when we’ve got to go we’ve got to go. Only – thank God for Christ – he doesn’t leave us there.

Michael Docker