May 15th

“Rules were made for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise people”

Douglas Bader, “Reach for the Sky”

This past 7 weeks of lockdown have seen us living under very strict rules, and we have done it because we could wisely see that they were for the safety of our society, our communities and ourselves. The imposition of laws are necessary and understandable when they act as protection and they benefit our land. They enable us to live together in a harmonious and unified way.

Sometimes however we can justifiably disobey regulations when they unreasonably and senselessly help to spoil a particular aspect of life, whether that be of an individual or a community.

In Luke 6 we read how Jesus flouts the Pharisaic law of harvesting ears of corn on a Sabbath. He allowed it because the disciples were hungry. Then also on the Sabbath Jesus heals a man with a withered arm again breaking the accepted law.

Although he knew he was courting the wrath of the religious onlookers, Jesus could see that the needs of the people were more important than the blind obedience to the law.

This week we have seen the lockdown chains slackened slightly. The phrase we have been given “To Be Alert” allows us to use our own common sense following the example of Jesus in putting the needs of others before legislation where appropriate. We can do this whilst being mindful of the previous guidance of lockdown but being flexible within it.

Elizabeth Webb